Just a very quick thank you everyone for all of the support and help you gave Terry and I in the Free Trial. Having never done this before we now have the confidence to enrol in the Micro Boost and the Academy Program.

Elaine D. – Melbourne

Is it possible to pay you guys in crypto rather than cash?

Trevor B – IT Consultant , Brisbane

Here is my trading log results from the Academy Program. Call me this afternoon to book an interview time for Pro Plus++ (my results say it all !)

Dennis S. – Builder, Penrith Sydney

I was doing ok by myself investing in crypto, then Colin showed me the Crypto Academy Research Model, Rating System and the Why Reports . . . it became very clear to me that in the past, I had been throwing darts and the dart board. Investor Plus++ is perfect for me

Malcolm M. – Retired , Canberra

Your free Business Discovery Program really got me thinking about the benefits for my business.
Can we get started next week?

David R – Business Professional, Coomera QLD

Steve thanks a lot for your personalised one on one coaching sessions. Massive value. My son and I wish to continue with Platinum Coaching. Please book us in for next Thursday at 7pm

Kerri-Ann , Adelaide SA

Hi Tim, the feedback we have had from our National State Managers about the integration and implementation of cryptocurrency into our business Australia wide has been tremendous.
Can we get an exclusive corporate agreement with your team to ensure that our competitors do not do this is as well.
Please call to discuss.

Simon – Australian Chief Operations Officer , Sydney

Hi Tim, Cassandra and I have decided to proceed with the Corporate Beyond ProPlus++. Can you please email me both taxes invoices, one addressed to our Company and the other to our Self-Managed Superfund for payment in full.

Caroline S. – Businesswoman , Double Bay , Sydney

Hi James , can you please contact me as my brother in law who sat in one our Titanium coaching session. He wants to Titanium as well.

Bruce H. – Gelong Melbourne

The two Journey Program sessions we had with Colin really made us feel very comfortable with the simplicity, safety and security of how to transact and store crypto in our business. Business Boost++ is clearly the way forward for us in this new economy

Nigel and Edward – Family Business Owners

F**k Elon !
My MRS lost heaps of my money because of his tweets. She paid 89 cents for Doge coin using my credit card without me knowing. Seriously pi****d at them both !!!
Where were you guys months ago? If my MRS knew what she knows now from going to your free Masterclasses, this NEVER EVER would have happened !!! I trust you guys, not that F***ken Elon

Steve J – Blue Mountains, Sydney

Never thought I would say (or even admit to anyone) that Jane and I have been thinking for months now about investing in cryptocurrency.
Really appreciate your time and enjoyed the free HODL Program , what is the next step?

Frederick and Jane - Investors Freemantle WA

Hi Steve, thanks for everything mate. Sorry for my how was when you rang me on my mobile, I was under the pump with my customers in the shop.
Great Zoom session with you and Tim and I can see you guys are the real deal.
Give me a call to book me in for the Journey Program.

Brian S. – Small Business Owner, Mission Beach North QLD

The business plan we formulated in the Business Boost++ Program with you and my staff at our Zoom sessions seemed “somewhat ambitious” to me to achieve in 12 months.
It is now very apparent to all, that we had no comprehension of how many Australians are using cryptocurrency based on the results achieved over the past few months.

Jürgen F – Retailer, Albion Brisbane

You mentioned in your Zoom sessions you pay Bitcoin for referrals.
How much and where do I register ?

Andrea – Northern Beaches, Sydney

Tim , your team has done well.
Would like to take you upon your offer to create my own personal corporate fund as well integrate my SMSF into cryptocurrency.
Please email me the agreements.

Andre F. - CEO

Hey Tim, is it possible to create one of your One Day Business Online workshops specifically for us and our top 148 customers all around Australia as an EOFY reward.
You guys would be legendary if you could do it for $18,315? instead of your usual $495 per person, as it would cost us a fortune to do as a hotel event
Any chance of you donating a ProPus++ Program as a prize ???

Mark H – CFO Australian Corporate Company

Hi Mark, thanks for the extra complimentary guest passes for the 7 Day Free Trial. In addition to my son, Sarah and her partner are coming too and it looks like my colleague from work will attend also

Marjorie – New Community Member – Darwin

I have lived here all me life and don’t understand financial markets. Thought I would be on the paint brush and the roller for the rest of me life.
Me Mrs said I was mad and could lose all me money as I could not use a computer and did everything on me mobile.
With your help and support, you have proved me right to me Mrs and soon I will be off the tools.

Billy B. – Painter Bairnsdale, Rural Victoria

Hey James, thank you so much for all of your patience and hard work in helping us move forward as we were a wee bit stuck.
We have just paid off the last payment on our all of our credit cards from our profits and we are expecting our first child.
Perfect timing, thanks again James

Sandy and Paul , South Yarra Melbourne

Before I buy one of your gift vouchers for boyfriend , can you please confirm that if he loses it (like his last gift voucher that went through the washing machine in his jeans) that you have some sort of registry or a process that confirms the ownership if lost or damaged ?
Your Programs are perfect for him on his weeks off and hopefully he can stop working in the mines

Tenielle – Kalgoorlie WA