Crypto Academy is the global leader that bridges the gap between the traditional centralised economy (old world) and the new decentralised economy, through blockchain technology
The Crypto Academy’s Educational Methodology has been developed by our Advisory Board of experienced industry professionals, with decades of business, investment and trading experience.


The Crypto Academy’s Business Boost++ Program – is designed for sole traders, companies or business owners – who want to incorporate cryptocurrency into their business world simply, safely and securely – with our 6 Step Business Program.
We have a “DYI” Journey Program and for those who want certainty and results we have a 12 month Performance Assurance with our Business Boost++ Program.
Business Boost++ members enjoy an excellent and potentially very profitable Rewards Program paid in Bitcoin, that when properly executed could well surpass the outlay for the Business Boost++ Program.


The Crypto Academy’s Research Model – saving investors time and money, creating clarity, certainty, creating peace of mind when investing in a specific cryptocurrency of Value or Opportunity. The Research Model is supported with a 5 Point Rating System creating clarity. Our “Why Reports” provides key information about the specific coins of Opportunity or Value creating certainty.
“Why Reports” provide valuable insight and commentary creating peace of mind.

Business Boost++ Program

Is a 6 Step Business Program
Ideal for sole traders and privately owned businesses
The 6 Step Business Program is how to grow your business, reduce cash burn, boost your balance sheet, increase profitability, create new customers along with new products and services, by the adoption of cryptocurrency into your everyday business activities
Simple to understand, safe, secure and easy to understand There is a “DIY” option with our Journey Program
For those who want certainty and results, the Business Boost++ Program
comes with a 12-month Performance Assurance
Your Business Boost++ Rewards Program is paid in Bitcoin

Investor Plus++ Program

Our Research Model for the Investor Plus++ Program, is macro to micro 5 layer research model, identifying Value or Opportunity in specific cryptocurrency coins
Our Rating System, Investment Alerts and monthly “Why Reports” (for Value and Opportunity coins) is easy to understand and simple to use
Monthly “Why Reports” saves you time and money – creates clarity, certainty and peace of mind
You get access to our online Live Investment Room
For certainty and results, our Investor Plus++ Program comes with a 12-month Performance Assurance.
Your Investor Plus++ Rewards Program is paid in Bitcoin

The Crypto Academy Pro Plus++

Simple, safe and easy to use – no trading experience required
Full training and support with processes and systems in place
Daily alerts and indicators provided by experienced traders
Fibonacci Algorithms and mathematical strategies
You can place your orders 24/7 anywhere, anytime, on your phone or laptop
You get access to our online Live Trading Room
Create yourself a primary, secondary or additional business income
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
For certainty and results, you get our Pro Plus++ 12-month Income Assurance
your Rewards Program is paid in Bitcoin


The Crypto Academy Trading Programs – are designed for those who want to create a primary, secondary or business income stream on a regular basis. As a cryptocurrency trader you shall receive daily alerts and indicators based on our Two Target Fibonacci Algorithm.
All you have to do is make your selection and place your trade, because the Crypto Academy does all the “heavy lifting” for you with the technical analysis.
The Crypto Academy Trading Programs have been designed to be simple and easy to use, from any device anywhere in the world with an internet connection, enabling those with zero trading experience, the opportunity to potentially create income from the outset.
Ask about our 3 Hour Work Week – which could create you more time and more money, to do what you really want to do with your life.