Our aim is to support Australia’s sickest kids as they battle long-term illness. With your help, we can provide a Supertee (the coolest medical garment) to these children wherever they are around Australia.
Why don’t you be the reason for the smile?

Why Strength Through Imagination?

Children love to imagine and to dress up and when they put on a costume they take on the role of that character. Whether it is a super hero, a princess, a sporting hero, a ballerina, or even an animal. their imagination takes over and they become that character. Supertees are designed to let children who are sick imagine that they are the character in the Supertee and that they have the powers that their hero has. This introduces the concept of ‘self-distancing’ where children see choices more clearly, reflect on them more fully and ultimately, exert greater control over their actions. This phenomena is called the ‘alter-ego effect’ – at Supertee, we call it “Strength Through Imagination”.

Who Else We Help!

At Supertee, we don’t just help the child in need, we also work to find innovative ways to support to the parents and carers of these sick children.

It is important that parents and carers recognise they are not undergoing this journey alone.  Some of the things we have developed and continue to provide include:
  • Every Supertee is delivered to hospitals and provided to the child free of charge
  • A “Sidekick” t-shirt in both adults and children’s sizes, that can be worn to show support for the sick family member
  • Access to an online community group with other parents and carers where members can exchange stories, ideas, tips and other hospital hacks and seek help and advice from people who are facing similar challenges
  • Online trivia events with gifts and prizes donated by our supporters and our foundation
  • eBooks that have been written by Jason Sotiris, our founder with the support of families in our community group