Our trading operates under the Doctrine of Social Proof to answer the BIG 3 QUESTIONS everyone has:
1) Does this work?
2) Can I do this?
3) Can I make money?
Our trading programs have been carefully developed and designed to ensure, that when followed consistently and correctly, a high degree of certainty and success can be achieved.
Cryptocurrency trading can be very profitable, however there are associated risks. To help you, the Crypto Academy has many tools of the trade available for you:
Financial Safety Policies
Systems and Processes
Fibonacci based Algorithm
Trade Alerts and Indicators
Live Trading Room
Profiling System
Personalised one on one Trading Sessions
Peak Performance one on one Trading Sessions
A 12 month Pro Plus++ Trading Income Assurance
Rewards Program paid in Bitcoin that could potentially surpass the outlay of the Pro Plus++ Program
Everyone wants the trading result, yet not everyone can trade consistently to create profitability. The Crypto Academy has created a tried, tested and proven algorithm that when applied consistently a high degree of certainty can be achieved.
No matter what your background or experience is, you should start with the 7 Day Free Trial to see if you can do this and if trading crypto currency is the right fit for you (if it is not, then passive investment maybe a better option for you)
Our Evolutionary Trading Process
Step 1 – Orientation Program This is a zero cost call or zoom consultation with an cryptocurrency trader from the Academy. This will enable you to answer the big 3 questions and decide if trading cryptocurrency is the right fit for you
Step 2 – 30 Day Academy Program
You receive a $AUD10,000 simulation account to trade for 30 days in simulation. Once you are trading consistently and profitability, you can make your choice when to trade with real money.
The Academy Program is a month-to-month program.
The upfront payment is all inclusive for the first 30 days and then your monthly subscription is paid either: monthly in advance or weekly by direct debit.
Step 3 – Pro Plus++
Pro Plus++ is for those who are serious about making money in cryptocurrency.
There is an enrolment process for Pro Plus++.
You must have successfully completed the Academy Program for a minimum of 30 days trading live with real money, submit your trade log, proof of consistency and profitability when required.
Pro Plus++ is our Premiere Program, comes with an optional 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month income assurance, in accordance to the size of your trading account.sdfdf