The Crypto Academy is passionate about education and we believe that the best way to learn is live.

Today there is so much “stuff”, misinformation, click bait and fake news in our digital world today, it can be very time consuming and costly to get to the truth.

Our workshops are interactive and dynamic
The content is valuable and real.

We do not record or publish our workshops, as we value our intellectual property and the privacy of our community members, who often share their personal experiences and information.

Here is an insight into our Masterclasses, Bootcamps , Workshops, Coffee and Crypto.


Making Money with Crypto Currency


The 3 hour work week

Live Investment Workshop

Active and Passive Investing Strategies

Creating a Stellar Portfolio

Live Research Workshop

Identifying Value and Opportunity

Qualitive Research

Live Advanced Trading

Technical Analysis

How we create our Alerts and Indicators

Live Beyond Pro Plus++

Which charts to use, when and why?

Fibonacci and other indicators

Coffee & Crypto

A relaxed informal community open forum.
Meet new and likeminded people – make new friends