Currently there are over 40,000++ business owners and merchants in Australia utilizing crypto currency in their everyday business activities.
Mass adoption is now a future reality as:
29% of Australians own cryptocurrency
78% of Australians are aware of cryptocurrency
26% of Australians create an income from cryptocurrency
Australian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Coinspot and Swyftx, now have well over 1,300,000 active accounts and growing.
The Cryptocurrency exchanges enable business owners to sell cryptocurrency and deposit fiat currency quickly into their traditional back accounts (eg WBC , CBA , ANZ etc) the using POLI and Osko instant payment systems.
However, unlike fiat currency (which now has only a 1-2% per annum annualised return) mainstream cryptocurrencies often potentially see returns of more than 1-2% per day.
Our Evolutionary Business Process
Step 1 – Free Discovery Program
At this online Zoom session, you shall discover the answers to the big 3 questions all business owners first ask:
(1) Will this work?
(2) What are the business benefits?
(3) How profitable can this really be?
Step 2 – Journey Program
In these two online Zoom sessions you shall gain insight into the simplicity, safety and security measures when implementing crypto currency into your business.
We also conduct a SWOT analysis and present strategies to you for your consideration.
You then have two options:
(1) A “DIY” option OR
(2) A full service and implementation option
Step 3 – Business Boost Plus++
Business Boost Plus++ is a 12 month program that is undertaken in six steps:
(1) Integration
(2) Implementation
(3) Traction
(4) Momentum
(5) Acceleration
(6) Mass Adoption
For certainty and results, you get our Pro Plus++ 12-month Performance Assurance and a Rewards Program paid in Bitcoin.
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